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petitionsBikeHouston asks members and friends to support adoption of Complete Streets design by all governments in the Houston area.

The people of the Houston region travel by many different modes for many different purposes, including walking, biking, automobiles, transit, and freight. All streets should be designed with the safety and ease of travel of all users in mind. This has not been done in many cases across the Houston region, but we can no longer suffer deficient infrastructure. All local governments should begin to incorporate Complete Streets design into all roadway projects to give a healthier, safer future to the people of the Houston region.

Many communities across the nation have adopted Complete Streets design standards. The Texas Department of Transportation recently incorporated Context Sensitive Solutions into their design manual and adopted a very recent policy of considering pedestrian and bicycle design in all road projects. Our local governments can too.

Houston Tomorrow is sponsoring a petition to urge adoption of Complete Streets. Sign the Complete Streets Petition at Houston Tomorrow.

With the State of Texas Legislature re-convening in January 2013, there is new commitment to pass a Complete Streets policy on a statewide level.

BikeHouston wants to emphasize tat there are two petitions because they relate to two separate government agencies. Both are important for our BikeHouston mission.


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