Petition for President Obama to ride in Ride of Silence on May 15

May 15 is the date of the National Ride of Silence.

Houston cyclists attending the Ride of Silence, May 16, 2012

Houston cyclists attending the Ride of Silence, May 16, 2012

Chris Phelan, founder of the Ride of Silence, has started a petition at to see if we can get President Obama out on this bike on May 15th in support of the cause. In order for the petition to be considered by the White House, we must receive 30,000 signatures by February 15th. Currently 444 people have signed since the start on January 16. If you want to sign the petition in support of the Ride of Silence, and see if Obama will be out there riding with us on May 15th, please click HERE for the online form!


  1. Ron Kerr

    Please participate in Ride of Silence.

  2. Chris Lockwood

    Just to be clear, if you want to sign the petition, click the link in the article that says HERE. Commenting here doesn’t count.

  3. Paul Bacon

    I’m new to Houston. Where will the Houston RoS convene?

  4. Chris Lockwood

    Last year the RoS began in Memorial park and finished at City Hall. I don’t think a location has been finalized at this time. but we’ll post the event here when we find out.


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