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Council delayed the bike plan vote on March 8th. Your help is needed to get the bike plan on the agenda and to ensure the plan passes. Our next chance to get the Plan voted on is March 22nd. Please write your the Mayor and Council telling them to stop delays and vote on the plan. 

Please join BikeHouston and citizens across Houston in asking City Council to vote yes on the Plan.

You (and City Council) should support the Houston Bike Plan because it is the blueprint for how to make bicycling in Houston safer, easier, and more fun! It sets a vision for Houston to become a Gold Level Bike Friendly City. It identifies projects to more than triple the number of comfortable bikeways in Houston – to create a safe, connected bikeway network. Details here.

Email City Council to ask them to vote yes on the plan, on March 22nd, we don’t need more delays! 

We are asking people to send in letters of support for the bike plan to put Houston on the path towards being a safe city for cyclists. The City of Houston will be reviewing and voting on the Houston Bike Plan in February.

Here’s how to send in your letter: (cut and paste the following emails)


Find and add your district council member (this step is critical!).,,,,,,,,,,


Email Body: Write an email, 2 sentences fine, saying why you support the Houston Bike Plan and asking City Council to pass it already! Some simple examples below. Note you must write your own letter. And your District Council person really cares about their constituents only, so please do add them. Council needs to see personal letters but simple is fine:

Example # 1:

Dear honorable Mayor Turner and City Council Members,

My husband and I both bike to work everyday. We only have 1 car at home and use bikes to get everywhere. My husband has been hit on his bike – making Houston safe for people on bicycles is deeply personal and important to me. The Houston Bike Plan is the guide for improving bicycling in Houston – please pass it.


Your Name and Address.

Example #2:

Dear Mayor and City Council,

Vote yes on the Houston Bike Plan. My kids ask me to ride bicycles with them – I want to be able to but don’t feel safe in many parts of the city. Passing the Houston Bike Plan puts us on the path toward having a city where kids can safely ride bicycles.


Your Name and Address.

Example #3:

Dear Mayor and City Council,

I moved here for work and want to be able to ride a bike. Bicycling in Houston is okay right now but it could be a lot better. I’ll probably leave Houston as soon as I can, unless the bicycling improves. To keep talented people of all ages in Houston, you need to pass the Houston Bike Plan and begin building more safe places to ride.
Your Name and Address.

Use this form if you’d like to automatically email the correct people (the Mayor and City Council) though you must:

  • Critical step: add your City Council Member/District! You can find this here
  • Personalize the email! Fill in your name, where you live and where your ride. 

Houston Bike Plan

  • Find out who your District City Council Member is here - . Enter your address and then you will find out what letter district you live in. District Council emails follow this format:,, and so on.

Do you work/volunteer for an organization that would send in a letter of support? Ask them to send one in too! Here is a draft letter to use. Please send it to all the email listed below. Including district council members is critical as many decisions are made at the district level. 

Click here for a word document for an individual. Send your email to,;;;;; and your District Council Member.

This final draft of the Houston Bike Plan incorporates 1,000’s of public comments following outreach by the City and its partners at over 50 community meetings/events, presentations at 12 CIP meetings, a webinar, BikeHouston’s targeted outreach to communities, BikeHouston Ambassadors and many other public outreach efforts. Because of these comments the City has added an additional 133 miles of bikeways to the plan.

We need a big stack of letters of support to ensure the plan receives unanimous approval. At this stage, City Council is simply approving the plan – not funding. Funding will happen in later steps but unanimous support of the plan helps justify spending money on projects later on. (Don’t worry, BikeHouston will be working hard on getting projects built in months and years to come and we will let you know how to support this too). Please send in your letter of support and tell your friends to do the same!


Join BikeHouston and help change the way Houston bikes, walks, drives and lives.


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