NEW Holman On-street Bikeway, Hawthorne Connection?

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Introducing our newest on-street bikeway: Holman through midtown. In the spirit of remaining positive and celebrating small victories we want to introduce you to the Holman project.

Holman runs through Midtown passing light rail stops and HCC to just under Spur 527. There it stops and has a little sidewalk connection to Hawthorne and Montrose. Midtown has done a good job with Holman street improvements so go check it out, it will officially open later in Spring! Of course, we have noticed how Holman street could be more comfortable, this signs on Holman should read ‘bikes may use a full lane’ not ‘share the road’ and it would be great to have big sharrows in the roadway making it more like a true high comfort bicycle boulevard/neighborhood route. But it is a clear improvement and our disconnected pieces of bikeways are becoming a network bit by bit. BikeHouston is pushing for and celebrating each little improvement, while continually asking for better.

Now we are advocating to make the final, critical 100 foot connection to Montrose neighborhood and all western destinations safe. Currently there is a very poorly marked, little hole in the wall connection.

Update – Meeting Feb. 16th attended by Montrose District, Midtown District, City of Houston and Tx-DOT to discuss improving this intersection to make connection onto Hawthorne. Next steps are determine who will be able to work on which part of the improvements (intersection paint, signage, tree cutting etc.), who will pay for it, and how quickly can we get it done? BikeHouston will continue to birddog this project till we get the intersection improvements we need to have a safe connection.

Update – Email sent by BikeHouston – 2/7/2017

BikeHouston reached out to the Districts involved with this project to ensure some concerns are addressed early on.


Email sent by BikeHouston – 10/1/2017

Link to Pictures Sent


We will continue to update you on this project as it develops. You can see more pictures of the lane and intersections we are referring to HERE.

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