Meet Dan Piette

BikeHouston’s board has a new chair. Dan Piette, who is a consultant for start-up companies, took the baton from Regina Garcia last month.

With the Houston Bike Plan passed, Piette says it is good to take a good look at the goals and mission of the organization. “Our first priority is the safety of cyclists in the city. Too many people getting hit, getting hurt and getting killed on the roads in Houston. But the second issue we really need to work on is inequity. 40% of all people who ride a bicycle in Houston earn less than 25 thousand dollars a year. For them a bicycle is not a luxury, it is their only means of transportation. I am lucky to live in Montrose, I can bike to the grocery store, to appointments I have and other destinations and I still have a car to use if I need or choose to drive. But for those low-income cyclists, the bike is all they have, and they might need to ride at night and on streets that are less safe than the residential streets in my neighborhood. BikeHouston should be the organization that works for them.”

“Mobility, in general, is another important issue. It goes beyond cycling. We have to look at walking, public transportation as buses and light rail as well. The Houston Bike Plan that just got passed in City Council – and thanks again to Mary Blitzer and John Long and all the BikeHouston volunteers that worked so hard for it – is a great step. We definitely need to continue the advocacy work. It is crucial that BikeHouston members show up at every Capital Improvement (CIP) meeting in town and see how streets can be improved for cyclists. The Bike Plan gives very detailed solutions for all kind of bike lanes. “

“And last but not least BikeHouston needs to put forward an education program for car drivers as well as cyclists. We need to teach people how to cycle in the city, how to ride on the trails and how to share the road. We need to encourage as many people as possible to ride their bikes. No matter if it is a little or a lot. The more people ride their bicycle, the safer it gets.”


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