Meet Anita Hollmann

Anita Hollmann, ped-bike coordinator with the City of Houston Public Works & Engineering


Anita Hollmann looks forward to May Bike Month in the City of Houston, last Friday she took a group of people on bikes to preview this year’s Bike to Work route the City will host on May 19th. “I just wore my usual clothes I also wear at the office, I only added a helmet to show people you don’t need to spend a lot of money on gadgets to have fun on your bike. I have noticed that some people get a bit intimidated by the high-end gear.”

Anita did ride the MS150 three times but now enjoys the bike trails along the bayou most by herself. “I like to ride solitary. It gives me time to muse about stuff that is going on. I live close to the White Oak trail so it is easy for me to hop on.”

As the city’s ped-bike coordinator Anita talks with engineers, planners, and road users all across the greater Houston area. “The Mayor is really dedicated to the new Houston Bike Plan that City Council approved in March. We want to implement it and are looking for the right people and agencies to partner with. I use my car as well as my bike for transportation. I choose the one that is most convenient for the trip. And both in my car and on my bike I don’t like potholes. We already have ..miles of bike paths, mostly trails, but Houston is not known as a bike-friendly city because too many of those miles are low comfort bike lanes. Just because you paint a two-feet wide strip on a street and call it a bike lane doesn’t mean people are going to use it to ride their bikes. We need to do better.”

“When people tell me they have a bike but are reluctant to ride in Houston I always ask them what was the last time you rode your bike? Where did you ride? Go back to that place and build it up. Ask other people to ride with you if that makes you more comfortable. That is what I like about May Bike month. Last year someone here in the building who hadn’t been riding a bike in 25 years came out to ride with us on a B-cycle bike. They loved it“

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