Meet Inge, Education Director for BikeHouston

What did you do before BikeHouston?
Before joining BH I have been traveling the globe and residing in Egypt, Kenya and spending time in S. India. I was teaching, practicing oral health care, and just taking in some phenomenal culture!

What are you going to be doing at BikeHouston?
I’ve joined BikeHouston to expand and formulate the education component of the organization. I will be working with everyone –community, government, and academics to promote bicycle safety, awareness, and rideability.

This is a new position for BikeHouston; how do you feel about that?
This position is exciting because it is one of the pillars of what will help Houston become a Gold Level Bicycle City. When we have cyclists empowered with good information they can enjoy the many benefits of bicycling.

What is your favorite cycling memory?
Oh my! My favorite memory would be as a child. On Saturdays, after my chores, of course, my parents would give my sister and me $1.00. We’d ride our bicycles to the local Dairy Queen in our area, roughly 2.5 miles, and get a chocolate dipped cone! During hot Houston summers that were super fun! Then we’d ride to the park and play outdoors until suppertime.

What is your elevator pitch to convince someone to join BikeHouston?
The pitch goes like this… Have you ever checked out __________ (fill in the blank)?
Many cool places exist in Houston that aren’t so accessible by cars. Parking may be expensive, driving frustrating and costly. The quality of bicycling in Houston is improving as we speak and the benefits are so economical. BH has a proven record of making safe cycling available to everyone through advocacy. For example, the Bike Plan, education, lane improvements, and safety classes. We are only able to continue these efforts with the continued support of people like you. May I count on your support?

Do you have a name for your bike?
My bicycle is called Midnight! She’s black and sleek.

Where do you see the education program in 1 year?
A year from now the BH program will be blossoming into a component that will have something for everyone that is interested in this type of mobility. We will have more “learn to ride” classes, after school training offerings in some community centers, bicycle maintenance clinics, and workshops for mass transit/fleet operations.


Join BikeHouston and help change the way Houston bikes, walks, drives and lives.


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