Give For A Greener Houston.

Help BikeHouston get $5,000! Our former Executive Director, Michael Payne, has been watching all of the progress being made in Houston from his new home across the sea and has pledged to match all gifts made to BikeHouston up to $5,000. We want to use this as an opportunity to follow city leadership and put this match to work reducing emissions and creating a greener city. A key element to going green is making a city that works for bikes.

Houston has an opportunity to lead the country and you can help shape that change. 

The passage of the Houston Bike Plan was the first step. Now we must combine the people power of over 1,000 members with a team of tenacious advocates to ensure that our City is tackling projects large and small, and doing them right. The more safe places we have for people to ride the more people will choose to ride not drive.

Join today to help make Houston Green.

How do we make Houston a better place to bike in the year ahead? We need passionate members. We need a talented and dedicated staff of advocates. And we need your support. Your membership will ensure that our people-powered movement for better biking has the resources necessary to continue to make progress. Get you membership rolling today.

With your support, Houston can become a true leader in the fight to go green, and that we will continue to achieve real and lasting change on our streets



Join BikeHouston and help change the way Houston bikes, walks, drives and lives.


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