311 App Submissions Make A Difference

Our own Jessica Wiggins explains.

On my morning commute I spotted Cecilia from Traffic Operations within the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department taking photos of the intersection of Dunlavy and Vermont Street. Due to complaints from community members that vehicles were running red lights, Cecilia went out to take photos of the intersection and the behavior of motorists interacting with the stop signs.

This is a great example of Public Works responding to 311 submissions complaints, and how important it is for cyclists to use 311 as a resource to catalog areas for improvement around the City, whether it be an existing pothole in a bike lane or a missing bicycle sign. This also provides the City with a cataloged list of improvements and justification for future budgeting as it pertains to bicycling.

Other examples of potential submissions may include:

  • Cracks or potholes in the road/bike lane
  • Branches or shrubbery restricting vision or mobility
  • Bike lane ends or is not visible
  • Debris or sand removal
  • Modify or Request a traffic signal or sign
  • Buckle or hump in street

So, the next time you’re on your bike, and you see something hazardous, call 311 and report what you see. Then, make sure to request the identification number of your call and email advocacy@bikehouston.org with this number. This number allows you to track your submission or complaint until it is resolved or dismissed.


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