Bicycle Crash Follow: Responses from TxDOT and HPD

A couple weeks ago I happened upon a bicycle crash on Heights Boulevard and I-10 on my way to work. Following the crash and after a review prompted by BikeHouston, HPD retroactively issued a ticket to the driver for failing to yield right of way to the cyclist. In a meeting with Assistant Chief Lori Bender and Captain Campbell at the Traffic Enforcement Division, HPD has promised to increase its enforcement efforts of the 3-foot safe-passing ordinance and improve HPD’s response to bicycle crashes overall.

John and I also sat down with TxDOT after the crash and discussed our concerns with that intersection in particular. We communicated that this type of crash was not uncommon and measures needed to be taken to protect vulnerable road users. TxDOT’s initial response was less than encouraging, but we’re optimistic. What we’re asking TxDOT to do is apply treatments to highway/city road interfaces where bikes and pedestrians are especially vulnerable to high speeds. We need bike lanes to continue across the intersections, we need speeds to be reduced, and we need signs and lighting to indicate our presence. In short, people on bikes need to be respected through design–and we’re not there yet.

In my short three month tenure as Advocacy Director, I have not felt more motivated to do my job than after the series of meetings following the crash. We have a lot of work to do to shift our mobility culture, but BikeHouston is growing and fighting back.

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