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Bike Lanes

>>>Thumbs up to the City of Houston for extending the Lamar Street protected bike lane southeast past Discovery Green along Polk Street. Once completed, it will connect the Columbia Tap Trail to the Buffalo Bayou Trail through downtown. Let me be clear: we’re not great fans of two-way bike lanes. However, we’re excited about the emerging network of bike lanes and trails connecting bayous, converted railroad lines and streets. Soon there will be unbroken connections along White Oak Bayou, the Heights MKT Trail, Buffalo Bayou, Lamar/Polk Street, Columbia Tap Trail and Brays Bayou/Keegan’s Bayou Trail — almost fifty miles of bike lanes and trails strung together by the City of Houston, Houston Parks Board and Buffalo Bayou Conservancy.

>>>Thumbs up to City of Houston, Traffic Engineers, Inc., and TranTEX, Inc for helping BikeHouston install the pop-up bike lane at the Gulfton Sunday Streets event. It was amazing to hear from people who stopped by our tent to say, “We need a bike lane in our neighborhood.” Nothing like a real-world example to demonstrate possibilities for people.

>>> Thumbs up to Energy Corridor Management District for its plan to do a pop-up bike lane at the Energy Corridor Sunday Street event this weekend. Come out to Eldridge Parkway (between Briar Forest and Enclave) this Sunday to check it out.

>>> and in the missed opportunities department, the temporary bike lane on Houston Avenue is gone. The good news is that TxDOT and City of Houston worked together to create a bike detour between the White Oak Bayou Trail and the Heights Trail during construction of the IH-45 bridge. We heard from many cyclists who routinely used this protected bike lane. It was far from perfect, but it did provide a high comfort connection between those two popular trails. While we’re grateful to TxDOT and COH for its proactive effort to keep this trail connection open during construction, we now feel the loss of a key connector. Now is the time to be building bike infrastructure, not tearing it down.


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