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BikeHouston soon will be launching “Get Around H-Town” (GAHT) a bicycle safety education program geared toward middle-schoolers, age 11-13 years (6th and 7th graders). The purpose of the program is to cultivate more confident and safer bicyclists.

Bicycling is an activity that is available to all ages and fitness levels. It is a healthy fun activity that can get curious minds out exploring, socializing, and is a viable alternative in multi-modal transport. The GAHT program is a resource that will help reduce the risk of injury to riders; specifically, youth by improving bicycle riding skills, increase awareness about related injuries and provide a place where individuals can learn safe riding.

The program is an “on-the-bicycle” safety education program that prepares and teaches basic safe recreational bike riding skills that will enhance enjoyment and physical activity. GAH is modeled from a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) curriculum and meets the standards set by physical education teachers. The length of the program is six (6) weeks, 2-hours per week, and can be taught in many settings (after-school programs, activity clubs, community centers, or camps). A maximum of twenty (20) participants will be guided by two (2) instructors who are proficient in teaching bicycle safety.

Our Education Director, Dr. Inge Ford is seeking individuals with resources in teaching/training, finish carpentry skills or other operational skills. To learn more and how to encourage kids to get around safely, please contact Inge at or


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