A Word From Our Director………. John Long

Last month we introduced BUILD as Word of the Year for 2018.  We want to celebrate projects built to improve cycling in Houston. Links are especially important. So thumbs up for the connector between the White Oak Bayou Trail and the trail on the Northside of Buffalo Bayou at the University of Houston Downtown building.  Check out the map here. Kudos to Houston Parks Board (HPB) and Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP) for their collaboration on this project. Build!

The next phase of another important link has just been completed by City of Houston Public Works Department.  This is the extension of the Lamar St cycle track past Discovery Green onto Crawford St, then Polk, under Hwy 59 to St. Emanuel. This protected bike lane helps to connect Buffalo Bayou thru downtown to the head of the Columbia Tap trail at BBVA Compass Soccer Stadium. From there you can ride the Columbia Tap trail through Eado, Third Ward, and the Texas Southern campus to the Brays Bayou Trail. This creates a continuous network of 45 miles of high comfort on-street and off-street bikeways.  It’s not perfect; we don’t recommend two-way cycle tracks, but it is progress. Houston we can do it! Thumbs up to PWE, HPB, and BBP! Build!

The only events we like better than ribbon cuttings are groundbreakings to mark the beginning of a construction project.  Houston Parks Board just held a groundbreaking event along Greens Bayou.  Thumbs up to HPB! Build!

Some projects are temporary by design.  In our mid-month newsletter, we reported the pop-up bike lane project on Elysian St. in the Northside. Thumbs up to CM Cisneros, the Houston Department of TransFORMATION and the design firm Asakura Robinson for making this demonstration project possible.  CM Cisneros is actively working with County Commissioners Rodney Ellis and Jack Mormon to make bike lanes along Hardy and Elysian permanent.  This is the value of tactical urbanism and temporary demonstration projects.  Build!

And to build more bike lanes in Houston, it will take alliances of people working together.  The Hardy/Elysian project is bringing together such an alliance.  Thumbs up! Build!


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