BikeHouston Ambassadors

BikeHouston Ambassador Program

Program Definition:

BikeHouston Ambassadors are community leaders who promote safe cycling in their communities. Ambassadors make commitments to take an active role in shaping the implementation of the Houston Bike Plan. BikeHouston staff make commitments to support them through this process with communication materials and through invitations to relevant meetings. BikeHouston is seeking to build a robust network of diverse Ambassadors across council districts.

We are actively recruiting Ambassadors! If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an Ambassador please click here to fill this short form. With questions email/call, 832-819-2453

To be an Ambassador:

  • No experience is required, BikeHouston provides training and outreach materials
  • No money is required, and we will be happy to provide references about the work you are providing.
  • You do not need to miss work to participate. You set the schedule of the outreach.
  • You do not need to drive to other parts of town.
  • You participate in the area or group you know best. This could be your regular social ride, church group, neighborhood meeting, book club or other.
  • Action is NOT required weekly, action is required once a month or less.

Program Goals:

  • BikeHouston diversifies its constituency base and unites more of the bicycling community: increasing membership from 1000 to 2000 and growing our list of supporters/followers.
  • Bike Plan projects, programs, and policies vetted and endorsed by the neighborhood and community they impact. Communities are defined by civic or other larger group living/working in a given City Council District. We are focused on ensuring that diverse voices are heard and included as we work to turn the Houston Bike Plan from plan into real change on the street.
  • Ambassadors will work to ensure community leaders support building the short-term infrastructure projects identified in the plan within targeted deadlines. Commitment from City Council members, Management Districts, and community leaders.
  • An equally distributed bicycle network and programs and policies appropriate to community needs are implemented. (2017-2027) Long term we are working to build deep relationships with communities as we work to implement the Bike Plan over the next 10 years.

Ambassador Commitments:

  • Ambassadors commit to a minimum of 1 – 3 hours per month.
  • Ambassadors represent BikeHouston to their local groups and the community at large.
  • Ambassadors use their local grassroots power to engage in the political process by writing, calling and meeting with their representatives and attending City Council meetings.
  • Ambassadors spend time in their community discussing potential neighborhood bikeways to get community feedback on the proposed projects. This could include actions such as attending rides, organizing and attending community meetings, and connecting with local groups and businesses.
  • Ambassadors report this community feedback to BikeHouston staff and Bike Plan staff. BH staff and Bike Plan staff then incorporate feedback and make any necessary changes.
  • Ambassadors build community buy-in and support for the bike plan implementation. 

BikeHouston Staff Commitments:

  • BikeHouston staff support Ambassadors with communication materials on bike plan projects or other relevant topics.
  • Staff will provide helmets, lights, maps or other safety materials as needed and as long as supplies last.
  • BH staff will provide teachings and trainings on topics as needed.
  • BH staff will attend meetings/rides or other community events as they are able to support their Ambassadors.
  • BH staff will organize meetings with City Council members.

With any questions please contact or 832-819-2453.

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