Contact City Council


The following is a list of Houston’s City Council Members. Send an email as a constituent to your Council Member. (If you’re not sure which Council Member’s district you belong to, use this map to find out. Or, click here for PDF of the district map.) Be polite and let them know how and where you ride, and specific issues you want them to be aware of.

Brenda Stardig: District A
Jerry Davis: District B
Ellen Cohen: District C
Dwight Boykins: District D
Dave Martin: District E
Steve Le: District F
Greg Travis: District G
Karla Cisneros: District H

Robert Gallegos: District I
Mike Laster: District J
Larry Green: District K
Mike Knox: At Large 1
David W. Robinson: At Large 2
Michael Kubosh: At Large 3
Amanda Edwards: At Large 4
Jack Christie: At Large 5

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