Have you been driving in your car and felt worried about driving around a person on a bicycle or wondered what the heck they are doing on the street?

Or maybe you have been riding on your bike and felt unsafe and didn’t know a safe way to ride to your destination?

Lifesavers for Drivers:

  • Follow the Law.
  • Speeding & DUI are killing us.
  • Motor on, cell phone off.  Save a life.
  • Give cyclists a wide pass.
  • Sometimes you may need to take an extra few seconds, but it is worth it.
  • Intersections require special attention.  Always scan carefully before proceeding.
  • Never open your car door without looking for passing traffic.

Lifesavers for Cyclists:

  • Follow the Law.  Same rights & duties as drivers.
  • Be Predictable. Make your intentions clear.
  • Be Extremely Visible.  Use appropriate lights and wear bright, reflective clothing.
  • Think Ahead. Plan your route carefully to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Ride Ready.  Leave the earplugs and phone.  Always, always wear a helmet.
  • We can prevent crashes!
  • Consider taking our Traffic Skills 101 course – check out calendar of events – or an online course.

BikeHouston is working to build a safer and better Houston for people on bikes and in cars. We are Houston’s non-profit bicycle advocacy group. Our mission is to create a network of streets that are safe and accessible for people on bikes and increase the quality of life of all Houstonians.

BikeHouston does this work by partnering with and pushing government agencies to design and build better safer places to ride. In 2015 we are working with the City of Houston on the first Bicycle Master Plan in 20 years!

We also educate people in cars and on bikes about how to be safer drivers and cyclists. Read our Lifesavers for Drivers and Bicyclist and share them!

If you are interested in building a better, safer Houston then you should join BikeHouston. Our power comes from the voices and financial backing of our members and supporters. If you want Houston to be a safer, more fun place to ride a bike, we need you to join us:

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