We are making our city bike-friendly by improving street design, educating all road users, and enhancing the enforcement of laws that save lives.


We are creating a network of connected streets throughout Houston that are safe enough for people 8 to 88 to ride on. 


All Houstonians need to know how to navigate our streets and trails safely with the consideration of all users.


We work with the Houston Police Department to gather information on the causes of crashes, enhance the enforcement of existing laws, and push the City to pass new laws that further protect road users, such as a no texting while driving law.
What We Do

BikeHouston is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to transform our city by creating safe bikeways to improve the quality of life of all Houstonians. We do this through partnering with the City and other organizations to expand the mileage and access to high quality bike lanes and trails, to educate all road users, and to enhance enforcement of the laws that save lives.


  • Our advocacy work focuses on ensuring that bicyclists’ needs are included in government work from planning to construction to law enforcement. We use the power of our members to drive change. Join us today.
  • Our community education programs teach motorists about cyclists’ rights and cyclists about their rights and responsibilities. We also host events designed to empower everyone to start riding a bike.
  • Spread our mission and values via this printable PDF file
Who We Are

We are the only non-profit bicycle advocacy group in Houston. We started as an all-volunteer non-profit in 2004. In 2014 we transitioned to be professionally staffed and are positioned to continue growing in order to transform Houston into a bikeable city. Thanks to our members, donors, and sponsors, we now have high caliber staff and board that are progressing biking in Houston faster than ever before. See our 2015 Annual Report here.

You can view our organizational documents and proof of 501(c)(3) status here:


Bylaws | Sales Tax Exemption | IRS Letter of Determination  | Newsletter Archive  | 2016 Annual Report


Join BikeHouston and help change the way Houston bikes, walks, drives and lives.

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