BikeHouston members are transforming this city.  Members drive our charitable, nonprofit organization and together, we are connecting communities by creating streets that allow people to bicycle comfortably and safely. BikeHouston is growing, but we know that we will be even more effective as more people join.  Cities evolve when people with bikes unite and ask for change. Click here to read about our accomplishments.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • A growing number of discounts at local business from shops to bars.
  • Discounts and special invites to BikeHouston events and merchandise.
  • Access to monthly Members Only Rides.
  • Bottomline: As a member your voice is represented at city hall and beyond.

Does your employer match contributions to registered charities? If so, please notify them of your donation or let us know how we can collect the matching contribution. Many large employers do offer this and it makes a substantial impact on our annual budget, irrespective of the size of your contribution. Here is a list of companies that do offer a matching gift program and here is proof of our charitable 501(c)(3) status. You can also donate stocks here.

Join Us:

We have monthly and annual membership options to the right. Membership revenue is critical to BikeHouston.  We are proud of our rapidly increasing numbers, but each month we spend significant resources reminding people to renew their memberships.  By setting up your membership as a automatic renewal you become a Sustaining Member and are effectively putting more dollars into improving our city at no additional cost to yourself and simplifying your life in the process.  Of course, you can cancel at any point with no questions asked. You can opt-out, renew, or upgrade at anytime by logging into your account under “My BH“.

If you would like to donate your time for a volunteer membership, please go to the volunteer page for more info.

  • Monthly Sustaining Membership

    Convenient and secure automatic monthly withdrawals from your checking account or credit card, saving you time and money since you never have to write a check or find a stamp
  • $100/month
    Inner Cog
  • $50/month
  • $25/month
  • $10/month
  • $5/month
    Individual plus family members

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